There are multiple ways to listen to books. You may want to look at the Reading Tools page first to know how you may be reading a book. 

  • iOS or Android Apps
    • If you use a reading tool that can voice the text of a book, such as Dolphin’s EasyReader, you can find the book, open it and listen to it directly on that reading tool
  • Apple Books
    • If you are accustomed to reading using Apple Books, then download the book in EPUB and open it in Apple Books, which offers a read aloud function
  • Microsoft Word or Edge Browser:
    • If you use Word,  then download the book in DOCX and open it in Word, which has an Immersive Reader option that reads aloud
    • If you use the Edge browser, then download the book in EPUB, and open it in your browser, which has an Immersive Reader option that reads aloud
  • Audio Players (DAISY Audio or MP3)
    • If you use a player that requires either a DAISY audio or MP3 file, you will need to find and download the book from this website as an Audio file. Then you will move the file to the player to open and listen to it being played.
    • The majority of the books available in Audio are produced by a “Text-to-Speech” (TTS) engine that uses computerized voices. This TTS engine can produce only English and Spanish-language books now, but more languages are coming.
    • In addition to more TTS languages, the Library will be adding human-narrated books in the future.
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